February, 1944, the Ukraine. 60,000 troops of Army Group South are surrounded and two Soviet Fronts stand between the relieving III and XLVII Panzer Corps and the trapped Kessel.

Shifting Sands 2011 seeks to faithfully recreate the battle of the Korsun Pocket, using a map campaign to simulate the 15 day relief effort over 5 games.

Players will be using what was available to the actual forces involved, and will encounter temperamental weather, typical Ukrainian terrain and the supply nightmare that affected both sides.

Can you, as part of the relief forces, link up with the Kessel and save your komrades in arms? And will those in the Kessel survive the constant attacks of the Soviet armies until the relief forces get there?

Can you as part of the encircling Soviet forces stop the relief forces in their tracks while at the same time crushing the trapped German forces?

Being held May 14th and 15th at Empire Games in Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix suburb), hosted by the Arizona Desert Rats group.


Update 05-07-11
We will be charging a Entry Fee of $15, this will cover prize support and lunch on Saturday. If you have any special diet needs please email us and let us know.

Update 05-07-11
I have added the schedule to the mission list below. Make sure that you can show up around 9AM to get registered and get yourself set up.

Update 04-21-11
I have added a page with the Stats for the new Soviet BM-31 Heavy Rocket Mortar Batallion.

Update 04-20-11
Army Lists! After tons of work they are ready. Sorry it took so long. It was a little more than we thought it would be. If you find anything strange let me know.

Update 03-10-11
Welcome back! We are starting to update things around here for our next event in May. Make sure to keep checking back for new information. We will be posting custom ToE for all of the forces like we did for our last event. We are working as quickly as we can go get all the information out to you.


Forces that took part in the pocket have historic shortcomings compared to normal lists. We have custom ToEs that go into full detail here. Armies will be 1750 points using the provided ToEs. Lists are due a week prior to the event. Cliff will approve your list prior to the event. Here is a quick summery to give you the basic idea of what will be happening:
  • Relief forces - no Konigstigers, Jagpanthers, Elefants or HS-129 B3 aircraft.
  • Kessel – Armored platoons may only have: Pz III’s, Pz IV’s and StuGs.
  • No Soviet battalion can have any type of ISUs or T-34/85 tanks, Decoy Tank Companies or Spetsnaz Platoons.
  • Forward Detachment, Decoy, Guards Assault Battalion (Udarny) and Assault Force (Shtraf) rules are not in effect.
  • Inner Ring Soviet Forces may not include IS-2 tanks.
There are more but those are the broad sweeping ones.

We are limiting one player to each company on the ToE page. In order to balance the forces email your top three companies you want to play and if you can play Soviets to Cliff at czfq2b@yahoo.com. We appreciate you patience and understanding, we are trying to provide a unique event with challenges that you don't come across everyday. If you find any typos or oddites in the lists please contact me and I will make any corrections, you can email me at: Chris (Bengo). Additional information will be posted later concerning times, special rules, etc,.

Special Units:
For the event we are giving the Soviets a new Bigger and Badder rocket launcher. Meet the BM-13 this monster has a higher firepower and anti-tank rating over the regular Soviet rockets. All Soviet forces have access to this unit. Look for it listed as "Guards Heavy Rocket Mortar Battalion" in the support section ot the ToEs.

Special Characters:
Any special character may be used as long as only one person uses it (first come, first chance to decline use), so only one Bake, or Kastner, etc. So far that is not an issue. Kannone are not special characters.


First thing you'll want to know about this event is that there are different scenario tracks depending on whether your force is part of the Relief Battle or Part of the Pocket Battle. In the Relief Battle, the Germans are always the attacker in the first 3 rounds/scenarios, while the last two are left up to normal scenario company type to determination of who is the attacker. Companies with always attack rules will be ignored. In the Pocket Battle, the Soviets are the attackers in the first 3 rounds/scenarios and then the final two are left up to normal scenario company type to determination of who is the attacker. Companies with always attack rules will be ignored.

    • Round
    • Relief
    • Pocket
    • Weather
    • Time
    • -
    • Set-up and Registration
    • -
    • -
    • 9AM - 10AM
    • 1
    • No Retreat
    • No Retreat
    • Clear
    • 10AM - 1PM
    • -
    • Lunch (food provided)
    • -
    • -
    • 1PM - 1:30PM
    • 2
    • Breakthrough
    • Fighting Withdrawal
    • Freeze/Thaw
    • 1:30PM - 4:30PM
    • 3
    • Free for All
    • Encounter
    • Mud
    • 5PM - 8PM
    • Round
    • Relief
    • Pocket
    • Weather
    • Time
    • 4
    • Cauldron
    • Breakout
    • Freeze/Thaw
    • 9:30AM -12:30PM
    • 5
    • Encounter
    • Free for All
    • Mud
    • 1PM - 4PM
    • -
    • Clean up and Awards
    • -
    • -
    • 4PM - ...

Rules for weather will be given out prior to the round starting.

The Relief forces are further divided (for the overall campaign) into Northern and Southern Relief forces. While the Pocket forces are a separate battle, fighting either to hold on and then breakout (Germans) or entrap and then crush (Soviets) the Kessel.

For as long as possible, the Relief and Pocket groups will battle amongst themselves (i.e. face each other in a round/scenario), so Soviet Northern Relief forces will face German Northern Relief forces, etc. With maximum 5 players per side for the Northern and Southern Relief forces, that should be at least two rounds, after which the Relief force players may mix, so any German Relief force player could play any Soviet Relief force player for the 3rd round.

For the final two games (4th and 5th), the first determinant of who will play who will be total Victory points, regardless of whether you were Relief or Pocket forces, because at that point with (historically) the forces being so close and confused, it was literally a free for all. For those rounds where Relief and Pocket forces are mixed in a battle, each table will roll a die, 1-3 it use the Relief scenario, 4-6 the Pocket scenario.

For the Germans to relieve the Kessel, one of the two Relief forces must succeed by winning more battles than the Soviets over a majority of the rounds. In order to avoid the Soviets crushing the Kessel and escape, the German Pocket Forces must also win more rounds than they lose.

This is a generalization and simplification of the overall Campaign, so if a Relief force didn't do as well, but the Pocket forces did exceptionally well, that also would lead to the Kessel escaping. And if the German Pocket forces lose horrendously, no matter how good the Relief forces do, the Kessel has been crushed. Of course if both Relief forces do stupendously, and the Pocket survives, they could surround several Soviet armies and possibly change the course of the war. So it is all here for you to determine, fight out, recapture the glory of the East Front!


  • Best Overall
  • Best Soviet General
  • Best German General
  • Best Sport
  • Best Relief Army
  • Best Pocket Army
  • Best Army (how selection and paint make the best Korsun Army!)
  • Best Table (best Korsun themed table)

Before we get started...

Thank you for visiting the Shifting Sands '11 Army List page. Go grab something to drink you might be here awhile, there is lots to see. I would like to cover a few topics before you jump right into the lists.
First, all of the lists are made by the AZDRFOW group for this event. Please do not sell or distribute these lists as they have been made for this event.
Let me make it very clear that these lists are unofficial home-grown lists and do not represent Battlefront in a official capacity in any way.
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At this time the lists are still a work in progress. Changes might be made, we just wanted to let everyone start planning their forces. I will remove this note once we have finalized all of the lists.
And now the good stuff:
Shifting Sands '11 Lists


  • The list have been formatted to be are printer friendly, to save on ink. Please, always use print preview before you print to insure that your page will look like you want it to. (note: the US 100th and 509th Paratrooper list will print two pages. The second page will have a platoon ToE on it.
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  • Page numbers are also color matched to the source to aid you in looking up your point costs. PDF and web articles are also hyperlinked here as well.

Special Notes

  • Some forces will have additional allies, rules or notes on how to purchase your force.
  • You will find corresponding icons for the affected platoons next to their names.
  • Platoons marked with flags or icons will have notes above in the information box at the top of the sheet.
  • Additional notes on how you point up your force will appear in the top information box. The notes can float around some inside the information box so keep an eye open for them.