The battle really swayed back and forth with the Brits making great progress until a few command errors knocked them back to the beaches. The US really struggled in the Bocage country and lost ground rapidly. The Germans were within one win of striking Cherbourg!
But, on the last dramatic game of the tournament the allies finally showed their teeth and won most of their battles capturing St Lo, holding onto Caen and Bayeux, and took back Carentan which had fallen to the Germans early and was never reclaimed. 2 Fallschirmjager firestorm units were surrounded and killed in the last few turns and one happened to be in Carentan.

However...after weeks of fighting (5 campaign turns), the allies hadn't taken as much ground as the allied command wanted and this will lead to some hard fighting as the Germans withdraw and regroup. Caen is secure, but St Lo is still vulnerable. Coutances was never threatened in the whole campaign as the US breakout forces couldn't get the big wins where they needed them.

Awards were given out for

Best British General...Bill Wilcox
Best German General...Brian Jordano
Best US General...David Kurnik
Best Army...Bill Wilcox
Best Sport...Jeff Plaine
First Firestorm unit killer...Jose Sto Tomas

The rest of the prizes were raffled away (the better prizes actually) to give everyone a chance to go home with something nice (although everyone left with some very cool Shifiting Sands magnets, stickers etc courtesy of John Harrison.

It was a good time

The Results

Name army VPs
Bill Wilcox7th British Armoured27pts
David Kurnik4th US Infantry Div26pts
Jon Halter2nd US Armored24pts
Jose Sto Tomas43rd Wessex22pts
Art Mehler1st US Infantry Div21pts
Jake Halter50th T+T21pts
Nelson Glaze3rd Canadian19pts
John HarrisonGuards Armoured18pts
Aaron Handen3rd US Armored16pts
Nick Depippo9th US Infantry Div16pts
Anthony Nagel15th Scots13pts
James McGrath3rd US Armored12pts
Mike McLane2nd US Infantry Div8pts
Name army VPs
Brian Jordano9th SS21pts
Tim Dvorak352nd Infantry21pts
Mike McMann12th SS20pts
Kevin Neeley275th Infantry20pts
Chris Dunlap17th SS17pts
Mark Riney2nd Panzer15pts
Bill Bushong3FJR15pts
Hugo Montes21st Panzer15pts
Jesse Aechbold2nd SS15pts
James Studer91st Airlanding14pts
Jeff Plaine326th Infantry13pts
Dan WhitfieldPanzer Lehr12pts
Danny Lipsey503rd Tiger10pts

I observed some classic battles. Hedgerow Hell, 3rd Canadians getting bloodied on Carpiquet by the 12th SS, Panzer Lehr and 50th T+T fighting over the streets of Villers-Bocage, a final assault on St Lo by 9th Infantry Division which came down to a few dice rolls, US para and FJ Firestorm units fighting over Carentan, King Tigers acaring the bejeezes out of allied armour players.

I also had 3 event cards randomly drawn each game which added a little spice to the battles, such as weather changes, arty strikes, rocket equipped Thunderbolts, supply issues, etc.

Overall, I think it was a unique way to run an event and with a few tweaks to the firestorm system it would work well in a tourny setting. I will revue the weaknesses we found and let each general put his input into it. I must admit, it was delightful to see some of the generals formulate a plan only to have their commanders do the exact opposite when brought to the table. Bill losing any type of control is fun to behold [Smile]

It will be interesting to see what strategy the generals had in mind during the game. IMHO, the axis were much better prepared and performed better strategically even though maybe not tactically on the table at times. The allies finally understood the system and executed more efficiently on the second day. Like history, the Bocage made the US pay dearly and I think most of them were not prepared for it's horrors (especially Bengo's board of death!) The final assault on Carentan was decisive although I think the Germans executed their last gasp attack on Caen poorly. I saw Bill's last turn strategy come into effect as he lured the axis players in taking Firestorm units even though they weren't attaking Caen diretly. Sometimes, having the chance to take 2 King Tigers looks like fun even though it doesn't help the team strategically!!

Good times