The situation...
30th June 1944. Cherbourg has fallen. US and British forces are on the outskirts of St Lo and Caen. The breakout is almost ready to go.

This will be a Normandy themed Flames of War tournament centered around the fighting around St Lo and Caen. It will be a map based tournament using the axis and allies D-Day map and Battlefront's new Firestorm campaign system There will be some interesting situations during the event, most of them map-based. I plan to start people in their historical locations but armies may be moved to other sectors based upon success/failure. Each major sector will be worth VPs with St Lo and Caen being worth a greater number. At the moment these areas are, St Lo, Caen, Cherbourg, Coutances, Carentan, Thury-Harcourt, and Ranville. Pregame briefings will be held with the various factions to give intel and plans for the upcoming battle. I will also be appointing several Generals to conduct the strategic aspect of the campaign. And yes, you can be fired from your position for lack of progress (I'm meaner then Ike)


  • The following units are forbidden in army lists:

  • US M12 artillery batteries
  • British Churchill Crocodiles
  • German Jagdpanthers
  • German King Tigers
  • Michael Wittmann
  • Ernst Barkmann
  • Air support in any armylist

All of the these units will be Firestorm units on the map. Also, Borgwards and Goliaths are not permitted.

Remaining Divisions available

  • Armoured: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th.
  • Infantry: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 35th, 79th, 83rd, 90th.
  • Para: None (If you have US paratrooper platoons, please bring them with you, I have plans for these.)
  • Infantry: 2nd Can, 3rd Can, 3rd, 15th, 43rd, 49th, 50th, 51st, 53rd, 59th
  • Armoured: 4th Can, 4th, 7th, 11th, Guards (plus individual Brigades).
  • Para: None
  • Commando: None
  • Infantry: 91st, 243rd, 272nd, 275th, 276th, 277th, 326th, 346th, 352nd, 353rd
  • Armoured: 2nd, 21st, 116th, Pz Lehr, 1st SS, 2nd SS, 9th SS, 10th SS, 12th SS, 17th SS
  • Para: 3 Fallschirmjäger, 5 Fallschirmjäger
  • Luftwaffe Field Company: If someone opts to play them.
Other Lists
  • In addition, I will also be creating new lists/pdfs for the following forces:
  • Panzer Lehr dismounted View List
  • 503rd Heer SPz Abteilung View List
  • Brit Armoured Car sqdns
  • US 4th Infantry Div View List
  • possibly a few others, still researching

Initial Sign-up

  1. Art Mehler (1st Infantry)
  2. Jon Halter (2nd Armoured CCA)
  3. Aaron Handen (3rd Armoured CCA)
  4. David Kurnik (4th Infantry)
  5. Mike McLane (2nd Infantry)
  6. James McGrath (3rd Armoured CCB)
  7. Nick Depipo (9th Infantry)
  1. Bill Wilcox (7th Armoured)
  2. Jose Sto Tomas (43rd Wessex)
  3. Anthony Nagel (15th Scottish)
  4. Jake Halter (50th Tyne and Tees)
  5. Nelson Glaze (3rd Canadian)
  6. John Harrison (Guards Armoured)
  1. Chris Dunlap (17th SS)
  2. Hugo Montes (21st Panzer)
  3. Brian Jordano (9th SS)
  4. Mike McMann (12th SS)
  5. Kevin Neeley (275th Infantry)
  6. Bill Bushong (3rd Fallschirmjäger)
  7. Jesse Archbold (2nd SS)
  8. Danny Lipsey (503rd sPzAbt)
  9. Dan Whitfield (Panzer Lehr)
  10. James Studer (91st Infantry)
  11. Tim Dvorak (352nd Infantry)
  12. Mark Riney (2nd Panzer)
  13. Jeff Plaine (Switched Sides)
Please remember, this is not a winner-takes all tournament. It is a team-based competition with awards going to best General from each faction. Let's have fun and not worry about being overcompetitive. This is a perfect time to use some of those models in your collection that you don't get to use very often!

Firestorm Units.

These are tokens on the map that represent additional units that you can add to your army. I will do my best to get appropriate tokens but will see on cost. Until that point, the following are representing the Firestorm units (again, this is open to change with more playtesting of the campaign system)
If the picture is a little blurry open it here and make sure that you zoom in all the way.
  • Infantry figures (3 total) are a paratrooper platoon
  • The two M12 are M12 batteries
  • 2 trucks representing 4 stands of pioneers with a supply vehicle.
  • The Crocs (3 total) are a 3 strong Croc platoon
  • The two infantry figure are one paratrooper platoon and one Commando Platoon
  • 2 trucks representing 4 stands of pioneers with a supply vehicle.
  • Infantry figures (2 total) are a Fallschirmjäger platoon
  • One Tiger is a King Tiger platoon
  • The other Tiger is Wittmann
  • The Panzer IV is Barkmann
  • The Jagdpanther is 2 Jagdpanthers
  • The 88s is 2 Luftwaffe 88s.
  • 4 trucks representing 4 stands of pioneers with a supply vehicle.
Not Shown
  • 2 US airplanes which will represent the air support available.
  • 2 British airplanes which will represent the air support available.
  • 2 German AA-guns which represent units that can interdict the Allied air power.

Each player in the tournament will have a small base representing their army. This will be used to attack territories (starting in historical positions). Firestorm units may also be used to join that army. The campaign lasts for 5 turns (5 rounds of the tournament).

Other changes to the Firestorm system.

Due to the simultaneous number of games being played, we have to have a few changes to the system. I will highlight these as they appear in the Firestorm book.
  • Select an Opponent (page 18): Opponents will be selected by wins/losses but will always be red vs blue. Pairings will be brought to the map table in a random order for the next few sequences.
  • Roll for Initiative (page 18): The allies have the Initiative in Round 1. If they win that round (total wins per side) they get +1 to their roll for round 2. Draws always go to the Allied player.
  • Place a Battle Arrow (page 18): I will make smaller arrows (since we will have so many of them). Since we have a large number of players, we may have to have simultaneous battles across the same border (forbidden in Firestorm). However, no more than 3 across the same border but keep restriction of attacks must be in same direction. The three battles will then be added together to get the final result (wins first followed by VPs if tiebreaker)
  • Choose Firestorm Troops (page 19): A player may only choose one firestorm troop from his territory until all players are placed on the board. He may take a second troop if there are spares at the end of arrow placement. Any battles played along the allied coastal beaches (Cherbourg through Ranville) may take NGFS as a Firestorm unit. Finally, 4 allied aircraft (2 US, 2 Brit) will be available as a final firestorm unit. These must be placed on arrows that have no firestorm units first, then those that have 1 unit. A player can never have more than 2 Firestorm units at any time on their arrows. Air support may not be placed on battles that occur in Caen, St Lo and Cherbourg. If you do receive air support as a Firestorm unit, roll the blue air die. 1 plane means sporadic, 2 planes means limited, 3 planes means priority support.
  • Check for Supply (page 19): As per firestorm except we are using roads, not rail lines.
  • Out of Supply (page 20): I have modified the table in the Firestorm book slightly. One of the results in the book (rolling a 3 and 4 on a D6) results in you taking 20% less troops in that game. That's tough to work out before each game in a tournament so I have removed it and taken the following.
  • 1. Morale reduced. (see Firestorm)
  • 2. If reserves used in the mission, they only arrive on a 6. If no reserves, use #1 above.
  • 3. Limited petrol. All motorised vehicles move 2" less than normal, 4" if doubling.
  • 4. Limited ammo. All teams reduce their ROF by 1. (this means that a ROF 1 weapon moving and firing will need to add +2 to hit).
  • 5. No effect
  • 6. Fight to the Death (see Firestorm)

  • Identify your Mission (page 21): I will be selecting the missions for all players. They will depend upon the overall success the previous round.
  • Festerplatz (page 21): These rules apply for Caen and, St Lo. I will provide a table of fortifications that will be allowed foreach sector.
  • After Action Step (page 23): This step will occur in the order that games are completed, not in the order that battle arrows are placed. This means that slower players may risk the possibility of getting cut off and destroyed. Speed kills baby.
  • Roll to Destroy (page 23): This works exactly the same except that allied planes are never destroyed and always return to their reinforcement pool.
  • Partisan and Polizei activities (page 29): This works exactly the same except we will be using air support (the same 4 planes) and german AA instead. This represents the allied Interdiction air campaign. The air support may be placed on any German Supply lines except the 3 city spaces. German AA units may be placed to block these planes or placed in a German sector to prevent Exploitation moves as normal.
  • Exploitation Moves (page 30): Same rules apply.
  • Bring in Reinforcements (page 30): I am placing these rules after strategic movement to prevent instant recycling of destroyed firestorm units (plays different in games that are not simultaneous)
  • Make Strategic Moves (page 30): Same as book.
  • Victory Points (page 32): As per book. I will be allocating VPs for the stated cities plus other strategic points (Carentan, Ranville, Coutances etc). Firestorm units will also be given VPs if destroyed.


The first mission will certainly be an allied attacking mission including Preliminary Bombardment. This mission will not favour the Germans, be warned! History sucks, I know. Missions will not be given in advance. I will have a tree of available missions that will depend upon success in prior missions (as a whole). Currently, the mission selection includes:
  • Breakout (new mission)
  • Breakthrough
  • No Retreat (in Firestorm)
  • Fighting Withdrawal
  • Cauldron
  • Encounter
  • Free for All
  • (no Hold the Line as it is replaced by Breakout and No Retreat)

Again, please take the time to read the firestorm campaign. It will make you understand the system a little easier. The only major difference is that all of the battles in our campaign will be happening simultaneously and the missions dictated in advance.



Breakout will be the first mission to be played. It is hard on axis players, sorry, but that allied air power can be a real pain sometimes. It is basically a Hold the Line mission with the following exceptions.
  • Ambush: Only 1 platoon may be held in ambush (with the exception of the Luftwaffe 88 Firestorm unit which can always be in ambush and the Wittmann Firestorm unit)
  • Preliminary Bombardment: The allies get the preliminary bombardment in this mission.
  • Rounds Short!: Allied units start off table and move onto the table on turn 1. However, an allied player may choose to deploy normally but are then also struck by the preliminary bombardment.
  • Recce and Spearhead: Recce moves and Spearhead moves are conducted after the bombardment. This means a recce unit or a unit using Spearhead may move onto the table before turn one but not be struck by the preliminary bombardment.
  • Air and Naval Support: There is no air or naval support in this mission as the prelim bombardment represents that support.
  • Across the Volga:Allied players may use this rule during the attack. This rule does not apply to mortar teams.
  • Disrupted Reserves: Defenders reserves arrive on die rolls of 6 instead of the usual 5+.


  • British Infantry armies cannot have Churchill Crocodiles within their written army-list. If you have Crocs, bring them. they will be firestorm units. I am still working on this so bear with me. I'm not trying to deter Brit infantry armies but I want these beasts to be used historically. Don't worry, they will be available for more than one mission. No army may contain Jagdpanthers or King Tigers they will be they will be firestorm units. M12s. Again, these cannot be included in your army list they will be firestorm units. If you have these models, please bring them with you.
Paratroopers and Commandos
  • No Brit Paras, Commandos or US Para armies. If you have US paratrooper platoons, please bring them with you, they will be firestorm units. FJ armies are allowed as they were in the line on defense.
Here is an initial list of Divisions available to choose from.
  • US armoured...2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th.
  • US Infantry...1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 35th, 79th, 83rd, 90th.
  • Brit Infantry..2nd Can, 3rd Can, 3rd, 15th, 43rd, 49th, 50th, 51st, 53rd, 59th
  • Armoured...4th Can, 7th, 11th, Guards (plus individual Brigades).
  • German Infantry...91st, 243rd, 272nd, 275th, 276th, 277th, 326th, 346th, 352nd, 353rd
  • German Armoured...2nd, 21st, 116th, Pz Lehr, 1stSS, 2ndSS, 9thSS, 10thSS, 12thSS, 17th SS
  • Para...3 Para, 5 Para
  • Plus Luftwaffe Field if someone opts to play them.
In addition, I will also be creating new lists/pdfs for the following forces
  • Panzer Lehr dismounted (taken)
  • 503rd Heer SPz Abteilung
  • Brit Armoured Car sqdns
  • US 4th Infantry Div (CT with CV Cobra support)
  • possibly a few others, still researching
The only multi-company forces that will be allowed are:
  • British Churchill Companies.
  • If Wittman dies during a game the player who loses him will deduct one victory point from that game's score.
  • We will have lots of different tables.We will not have you play on the same table twice.
  • If we have tables that are similar (like snow tables) we will avoid making you play on them more than once if possible.


  • Your General score will be the total number of victory points you accumulates over all five games.
  • There will be no Histories needed for this event. Because only historical forces are allowed there is no need.


  • The British player that accumulates the highest victory points for all five games.
Best German Commander
  • The German player that accumulates the highest victory points for all six games.
Best US Commander
  • The US player that accumulates the highest victory points for all six games.
  • Only people that have painted their army will be eligible for the Player Choice Award.
  • Each Player can vote for someone's army who they think is the best.
  • You may not vote for your own army.
We reserve the right to make changes as need be.We will do our best to notify all players of them.