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Mark Francis
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SHIFTING SANDS 2017 is hosted by the Arizona Desert Rats FoW group
Shifting Sands 2017 - Two Tribes Go to War!

2 day, 5 game "event". WarPac vs NATO only. 99pts per side. Strategic map will be used. New "Tactical Cards" will be used for event.

See the discussion here on the FoW forums.

- Date January 14th and 15th, 2017
- Location: Mesa Conference and Utilities building 640 N. Mesa Dr., Mesa, AZ, 85201
- Cost: $30.00 (Entry includes lunch for both Saturday and Sunday, Tac card deck)
- 99 points.
- Lists are due no later than January 6th.

Shifting Sands 2017 will be a Team Yankee themed 2 day. Players can expect 3 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday.

- Players will choose from Soviet, American, German or British forces as found in the Team Yankee books or official supplements (i.e. Afghansty).
- Please check this Team Yankee Q & A and how to go from FoW to Team Yankee

- Please note as this is a 'historical' event, the East and West sides will need to be even.
- Please register early to secure a spot on your chosen side. Please also note that it will be helpful for some players to be flexible and be willing to switch from one faction to another if numbers dictate.

We will need Generals for the following
- Soviet
Please email me if you interested.

- Please contact Mark to sign up for Shifting Sands. See what sides are available here.

Two Tribes Campaign
- Shifting Sands 17 is a themed campaign driven event.
- Players will participate in the campaign map and their actions can and will impact the overall event.

More information to follow!

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