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SHIFTING SANDS 2015 hosted by the Arizona Desert Rats FoW group

Also found here on the FoW forums or here at AZDRFOW Yahoo Group

When: January 17th and 18th, 2015. That is Martin Luther King Weekend to us Americans.

Where: Mesa Conference and Utilities building, 640 N Mesa Drive, Mesa, Arizona 85201

Max Players: The firestorm campaign is set up for 40 players. However, we have space for even more than that if need be.

Games: This is a 5 game event. There will be 3 games on the first day, and 2 on the second.

Points: 1500 for Western Allies and Soviets, 1000 points for Germans. (see Armies for more details)

Theme: August 1945, the Western Allies pact with Stalin has disintegrated. Both parties are struggling to control Europe and promote their own agendas. Meanwhile, the tattered remains of the Wehrmacht struggle to defend Germany from invaders on both sides.

This is a Late War Firestorm tournament, where players can choose to play as US, British, Soviets, or Germans. Exceptions can be made for minor allies with the permission of the TO.

Armies: All Late war books are allowed, except for the following:
     - Any list from Operation Overlord
     - Any list from Atlantik Wall
     - Any list from Bridge by Bridge
     - 150th Panzer Brigade Battle Group from Devils Charge
     - Any list from a book whose lists have been republished in a newer book, i.e. no Hellís Highway, though you can
       use the same lists from Market Garden.

All legal Battlefront PDFs are allowed, unless otherwise stated.

Also, there are a few restrictions:
     - Special characters may not be taken, though many of them will make an appearance in the tournament.
     - The proposed changes to Naval Gunfire Support will be in effect. (Proposed changes found here)

In addition, many new units based off of experimental tanks and equipment, will be made available for use on the AZDRFoW website.

The points limit is 1500 for Western Allies and Soviets. Some players will also receive firestorm units as support.

The Germans, on the other hand, build a 1000 point list. This is to represent the desperate remains of the German army. Each German player will also receive a firestorm kampfgruppe as support every game to bring their total points in line with their opponentís. The firestorm kampfgruppen include special characters and units that are not available otherwise. Think Barkman in a Panther F, mounting a long 8.8cm gun! These kampfgruppen will all be posted online ahead of time to allow German players to build their lists accordingly.

Please note that Germans will be in the minority for this event! We are planning for around 40% (so 16) Western allied players, 40% (so 16) Soviet players, and 20% (so 8) German players. Please consider playing Germans only if you are looking for challenging games with a non-optimal army. However, if you have that outlook, I think you will have a lot of fun playing Germans!


Additional Forces:

Additional German Forces

Additional Soviet Forces

Additional Western Allied Forces

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