Rota Radzveki(Mechaniesd Company)

Company HQ
Battalion HQ
Your force may only include units and options marked with the Guards symbol.

A Rota Radzveki must field a Company HQ and two Radzveki Platoons, It may also field one of each of the remaining Combat Companies, Weapons Companies, and Support Companies from each box shown. (Armor, Infantry. etc.)
  • Hammer & Sickle
  • Web (Please move your mouse over the word web on the ToE to see point costs.)
Motivation and Skill
The scout battalions of tank and mechanized corps are hand-picked from the best troops available. A Rota Razvedki is rated as Fearless Trained.

This list is UNOFFICIAL and does not represent Battlefront in a official capacity in any way.
Combat Companies
Radzveki Platoon
Radzveki Platoon
Weapon Companies
Motorsterlkovy Company
Motorsterlkovy Company
Armored Car Platoon
Armored Car Platoon
Mortar Company
Radzveki Mortar Company
Anti-Tank Company
Radzveki Anti-tank Company
Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company
May not take any T34-85
Tankovy Company
May not take any T34-85
Light Tankovy Company
Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company
HQ Section with:
• Mount Tankodesantniki SMG team on assault gun for +15 points per team.
• Upgrade T-34 obr 1942 tank to have a Cupola for +10 points for the company.

Guards Heavy Rocket Mortar Battalion
HQ Section with:
4 Rocket Mortar Platoons
300 points
2 Rocket Mortar Platoons
195 points
1 Rocket Mortar Platoons
120 points
• Model BM-31 Katyusha rocket Launchers with five or more crew and count each rocket launcher as two weapons when firing a bombardment for +10 points per rocket Platoon.
• Add Anti-aircraft Platoon for +40 Points.
• Replace all DShK AA MS in trucks with two 37mm obr 1939 guns towed by trucks for +10 points for the Platoon.
A Guards Heavy Rocket Mortar Battalion is rated as Fearless Trained.
NameMobilityArmor FrontSideTopNotes
BM-31 KatyushaWheeled---
BM-31 Rocket Launcher72"-33+Rocket Launcher