Peredovoye Otryad(Tank Company)

Battalion HQ
Peredovoye Otryad HQ
May not take any T-34/85 tanks.
A Peredovoye Otryad must field a Battalion HQ, a Tankovy Company and a Motostrelkovy Company. It may also field one of each of the Weapons Companies and Support Companies from each box shown (Armoured, Infantry, etc.).
This list is UNOFFICIAL and does not represent Battlefront in a official capacity in any way.
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Motivation and Skill
The units of a Forward Detachment are selected for their aggression and excellent from the best units in the corps and army. A Peredovoye Otryad is rated Fearless Trained.
Combat Companies
Tankovy Company
May not take any T-34/85 tanks.
Motostrelkovy Company
Weapon Companies
Sapper Company
Anti-tank Rifles
Motorised Anti-tank Rifle Company
Motorised Mortar Company
Assault Guns
Assault Gun Company
Tankovy Company
May not take any T-34/85 tanks.
Support Platoons
  • Guards Heavy Tank Company
  • Guards Heavy Assault Gun Company
    May not take any ISU-122 or ISU-152
  • Tank Killer Company
  • Assault Gun Company
  • Tank Killer Company
  • Tank Destruction Company
  • Razvedki Platoon
  • Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Company
  • Light Armoured Car Platoon
  • Anti-aircraft Company
Air Support
  • Limited Air Support
  • Priority Air Support
Guards Heavy Rocket Mortar Battalion
HQ Section with:
4 Rocket Mortar Platoons
300 points
2 Rocket Mortar Platoons
195 points
1 Rocket Mortar Platoons
120 points
• Model BM-31 Katyusha rocket Launchers with five or more crew and count each rocket launcher as two weapons when firing a bombardment for +10 points per rocket Platoon.
• Add Anti-aircraft Platoon for +40 Points.
• Replace all DShK AA MS in trucks with two 37mm obr 1939 guns towed by trucks for +10 points for the Platoon.
A Guards Heavy Rocket Mortar Battalion is rated as Fearless Trained.
NameMobilityArmor FrontSideTopNotes
BM-31 KatyushaWheeled---
BM-31 Rocket Launcher72"-33+Rocket Launcher