44. Pionierkompanie (Infantry Company)

Company HQ
Pionierkompanie HQ
A Pionierkompanie must field a Company HQ and at least two Pionier Platoons and may field an additional Pionier Platoon. It may also field one Support Platoon from each Support box shown (Armoured, Infantry, etc).
Motivation and Skill
Pioniers are tough fighters, as well trained and equipped to lead assaults as they are for other hazardous tasks like laying and clearing minefields. They know what they are about and are confident of their ability to do it. A Pionierkompanie is rated as Confident Veteran.
Platoons marked with a flag in your force are Allies and follow the Allies rules on page 183 of the rulebook. They retain their orginal ratings.

This list is UNOFFICIAL and does not represent Battlefront in a official capacity in any way.
Combat Platoons
Pionier Platoon
Pionier Platoon
Pionier Platoon
Pionier Platoon
Pionier Platoon
Pionier Platoon
Weapon Platoons
Support Platoons
  • Heavy Tank Platoon
    Equipped with Tiger Is only
  • Fallschirmjäger Platoon
  • Artillery Battery
Rocket Artillery
  • Rocket Launcher Battery
Heavy Anti-aircraft
  • Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon
Air Support
  • Sporadic Air Support
Looted Assault Gun Platoon
• Replace any or all StuG M42 75/18 with StuG M42 75/34 for +20 points per assault gun.
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