Jose Sto Tomas Points
1/3 Panzerpioneer Bn
Operation Fischfang Anzio, Italy Feb'44
Festung Europa
Headquarters 45
CiC SMG Panzerfaust 10
2iC SMG Panzerfaust 10
Panzershreck 25
Combat Platoons
3 Squad Panzerpionier Platoon 195
SMG Panzerfaust 10
Pioneer Suppy Truck 25
2 Squad Panzerpionier Platoon 140
SMG Panzerfaust 10
2 Squad Panzerpionier Platoon 140
SMG Panzerfaust 10
Weapon Platoons
1 MG section Motorised Heavy Platoon 90
add Mortar Section 60
Support Platoons
3 Panther D, A or G Panzer Platoon 560
3 StuG G Assault Gun Platoon 285
1 Section Rocket Launcher Battery 130
Total: 1745
Rnd Vs Mission Table ? Score
1. Nelson Glaze Free for All 10 draw 2 3
2. Nick Depipp Fighting Withdrawal 5 win 5 2
3. Jon Halter Hold the Line 1 win 5 2
Rnd Vs Mission Table ? Score
4. Cliff Gleason Encounter 12 draw 2 2
5. Jake Halter Breakthrough 11 loss 1 6
6. Jeff Plaine Dare to Win 9 win 6 1

Operation Fischfang, Anzio Feb 16, 1944

At the start of Operation Fischfang, the 3rd Panzergrenadier and 715th Infantry Divisions conducted the main assault along the line of the Via Aziante, assaulting the 157th and 179th Inf Regts of the 45th Inf Div. The weather was clear, but the ground was muddy, limiting the panzers to the road network. The panzers would sally from the "Factory" to pin the U.S. infantry in their trenches with tank and machine-gun fire and withdraw to replenish their ammunition while the infantry moved up for the assault. German superiority in armor and infantry numbers at the point of the assault was matched by overwhelming U.S artillery strength and determined American infantry resistance. The end of the day resulted with heavy casualties for both sides with no breakthrough for the Germans.