Hugo Montes Points
Soviet Tankavoy
Soviet Fifth Tank Army
Festung Europa
1 T-70 obr 1943 Headquarters 35
Combat Platoons
10 T-34 Medium Tank Company 480
upgrade 5 to T-34/85 obr 1943 50
add Cupolas 10
5 T-34 Medium Tank Company 305
upgrade 5 to T-34/85 obr 1943 50
7 T-70 obr 1943 Light Tank Company 215
Support Platoons
3 SU-57 Assault Gun Company 100
3 KV-85 Guards Heavy Tank Company 315
2 SU-152 Guards Heavy Assualt Gun Company 190
Total: 1750

Soviet Fifth Tank Army

This army was formed in February of 1942. The army was comprised of the 29th, 2nd, and 18th Tanks Corps, the 2nd and 11th Guards Separate tank brigade and the 115th Rifle Brigade. In 1943, it played a significant role in the Battle of Kursk.

In June 1944 the 5th. was used as the main force during the Soviet summer offensive, Operation Bagration, they were committed to attack along the main Moscow- Minsk road, which led to the liberation of Minsk. Late in 1944, the army was then committed against the Third Panzer Army pushing the Germans back to Memel. On January 18th, the 5th Tank Army met up with the 20th Guards Tank Brigade at the village of Zvenigorodka, and trapped six German divisions including the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, the Soviet forces continued the drive westward with massive tank armies of T-34's and KV-85's. One of the tank commanders was Alexander Oskin with 5 Tiger kills.